Sunday, January 29, 2012

The First Post

Alternatively: The Post That Should Have Been the First Post

The idea of a baseball blog has been bouncing around my head for somewhere around a year now, and yesterday I finally decided to man up and commit to it.  This is The View from Turner Field - brilliant name, I know - and I'm Daniel.  My aim for this blog is to deliver quality baseball analysis, primarily focused on the Atlanta Braves, but also reaching elsewhere as I see fit.  I'm not the kind of guy who'll be able to tell you that Player X's new batting stance has really allowed him to turn on that inside fastball, but I hope to be able to discuss signings, trades, statistics, and managerial decisions fairly intelligently.  I am not a writer by trade, and the majority of my in-depth baseball exploration to date has been conducted over Google Talk, so this blog will definitely be a growing experience for me.  I'll produce as much original, informative content as I can, and I hope to learn a lot in the process.

It's fairly likely that anyone reading this post knows who I am, but in case you don't, and you want to know more about me... I'm a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania studying Computer Science and Mathematics.  Originally, though, I hail from the great state of Georgia, home of the Waffle House and the Braves.  I've been a fan for a long, long time, and it really isn't fun sharing a city with the Phillies.  (You get over it, though.)  I've got problem sets to get to, but I'm definitely going to try to update this thing three or four times a week.  If you're interested in baseball and/or the Braves, need something to read, or just want to watch as I attempt to form sentences, feel free to come back here any time.


  1. Good start - absolutely no mention of sabermetrics whatsoever, bashing Fredi, and informative first posts. You should expand by doing a 'minor leaguer profile of the week' or other themed things, and get some readership by posting this link to some of the associated Braves blogs.


  2. Disclaimers:
    There will be sabermetrics.
    Minor leaguer of the week would be terribly uninformative.

  3. Not if you picked some of the more obscure ones! You should also do a 'realistic trade scenario of the week' and 'why fredi sucks' of the week